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Project name Jolly Learning

Client requirements

Jolly Phonics, teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics, which is widely recognised as the most effective way to teach children to read and write in English. The purpose of this project was to move previous website to the new design.



We adopted new design, extended an online shop to support multiple regions, prepared custom plugins to handle specific content as well as adding more security. We’re currently maintaining this project and constantly adding new features.


Project name Forgetly

Client requirements

Forgetly was brought to live to solve one of the most common problems in this era – information overload. Be it the contents of last email that you read, someone’s birthday you just saw on social media or some movie that seemed interesting when its trailer turned up while watching TV; it can be anything. Now one might think that he/she will be able to remember or recall it at the time of need but it is more often that it slips out of mind.


Forgetly will automatically schedule it in future planner so you can forget about it. You will receive gentle personalised digest with follow ups and time estimations. Then its up to you – follow up or Forget again! It’s that easy. Minimal planning, maximum efficiency. has come up with a rather innovative way to prevent oneself from being forgetful about the important things that you want to remember. Forgetly is basically a reminder service that can conveniently be integrated with your browser or phone. This serves as an extension on google chrome which you can use to save websites and notes for future reference.


For maximum facility and robust reminder, the users can also send reminders via SMS conveniently. This clever option offers the easiest and fastest way to drop yourself a reminder, and what’s more it automatically integrates with any phone without any additional apps, as long as phone can send SMS. This also means any app offering “share via message/SMS” feature, automatically integrates with Forgetly.

Project name Exaactly

Client requirements

Exaactly is focusing on parcel delivery service improvement by providing a short internet address associated with a real physical address. This way additional meta-data can be provided, which describe detailed specifics about the location, including building access, a number of floors, lifts, safe places for deliveries etc. Delivery companies benefit from significant time-saving and more parcels delivered in shorter time, as drivers do not waste time and avoid confusion.



Our responsibility was to build MVP system, based on server side API and embedded iframe application. We also help hired new developers which are part of the internal team.

Exaactly won John Lewis acceleration the program and got investment and further extensions are currently in progress.

Project name Diet Blocks – Fodmap mobile app

Client requirements

DietBlocks is an online food recipe distribution platform. It enables beautiful presentation of food recipes on smartphones and tablets through mobile application. DietBlocks enables creation of bespoke/branded mobile app for individual customers willing to promote their brand or simply turn food recipes into revenue through in-app purchase system.


DietBlocks is a combination of two elements – content management system built specifically to for food recipes creation and stand-alone mobile app distributed through Apple Store and Google Play store. Clients can conveniently manage app content through web-based content management system. Content revision is then distributed to mobile app users. First client was enrolled in April 2016 bringing over 20k users onto the platform so far, bringin stable revenue.

Project name Agrokalkulator – Zbynio mobile app

Client requirements

Zbynio introduces paperless solution for seasonal workers management for small and medium sized farmers. With smartphone based system, Zbynio, reduce she amount of time and effort spent on activities such as accounts, inventory and employees management.


One of the challenges we faced was to create a simple and robust interface to use in the field in quick and painless way. This was achieved by combination of ascetic design, simple navigation system and optimised ‘taps-to-action’ ratio. Zbynio combines cloud based architecture with offline-first solution enabling seamless operation in poor mobile network conditions and background syncing. This enables both, multi-device support on site and data integrity.


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Full Stack Developer

Passionate web developer specialising in LAMP stack, solutions architect with over 10 years of professional experience in the industry. I have proven record of delivering high demand SLA's, good level of experience with a variety of web technologies and extensive knowledge of PHP and MySql. I have wide experience with bad and good practices. I can design and build scalable, multi-server environments running on variety services of cloud systems like Amazon Web Services. I also have a good understanding of industry standards in building API's, websites, microservices and mobile apps.
Im always excited about taking a product from draft into MVP and then taking it through development strategy into rich and complex designs.

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Full Stack Developer2

I'm a passionate programmer. I am happy to learn new technologies which I implement in solutions aimed at effective acceleration of everyday processes, thus saving time and money for our clients.